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  • TR-29-2007 – Smyrlis Yiorgos – Sokratis, Approximation by Solutions of Elliptic Equations in Semilocal Spaces.
  • TR-28-2007 – Nestoridis Vassilis and Stefanopoulos Vangelis, Universal Series and
     Approximate Identities.

  • TR-27-2007 - Karageorghis Andreas and Smyrlis Yiorgos – Sokratis, Conformal Mapping
     for the Efficient MFS Solution of Dirichlet Boundary Value Problems

  • TR-26-2007  - Smyrlis Yiorgos – Sokratis and Karageorghis Andreas, Efficient implementation of the MFS: The three scenarios1,2
  • TR-25-2007  - Smyrlis Yiorgos – Sokratis, Μathematical Foundation of the MFS for Certain Elliptic Systems Arising from Linear Elasticity.
  • TR-24-2007 – Xenophontos C. and Oberbroeckling L., The hpfinite element approximation of a weakly coupled system of two singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion equations.
  • TR-23-2007 – Koumandos Stamatis, Nestoridis Vassilis, Smyrlis Yiorgos-Sokratis,
     Stefanopoulos     Vangelis.
    Universal  Series in      
  • TR-22-2007 – Ingster I. Yuri, Sapatinas Theofanis, Minimax Goodness-of-fit Testing in Multivariate Nonparametric Regression.
  • TR-21-2007 – Smyrlis Yiorgos -  Sokratis, Density Results with Linear Combinations of Translates of Fundamental Solutions,
  • TR-20-2007 – Neumann H. Michael and Paparoditis Efstathios, Simultaneous confidence Bands in Spectral Density Estimation
  • TR-19-2007 – Michos C. Ioannis, On the Support of the Free Lie Algebra: The Schόtzenberger Problems.
  • TR-18-2007 –Bialecki B., Fairweather G., Karageorghis A. and Nguyen Q.N, On the formulation and implementation of optimal superconvergent one step quadratic spline collocation methods for elliptic problems
  • TR-17-2007 – Savvides Alexios, Promponas J. Vasilis and Fokianos Konstantinos, Clustering of Biological Time Series by Cepstral Coefficients Based Distances.
  • TR-16-2007 – Christodoulides Yiannis  and Damianou Pantelis  Darboux polynomials and first integrals of Lotka-Volterra systems.
  • TR-15-2007 – Mantalos Panagiotis  and Zografos Konstantinos, Interval Estimation for a Binomial Propotion. 
  • TR-14-2007 – Mantalos Panagiotis  and Shukur Ghazi, The Effect of the Spillover on the Granger Causality Test. 
  • TR-13-2007  - Nestoridis Vassilis  and Smyrlis Yiorgos – Sokratis, Universal Approximation by Translates of Fundamental Solutions of Elliptic Equations.
  • TR-12-2007 – Xenophontos C. and Oberbroeckling L., Robust exponential convergence of hp-FEM for singularly perturbed reaction diffusion systems with multiple scales.
  • TR-11-2007 -  Papadatos N., Afendras G. and Papanastasiou V., The discrete Mohr and Noll inequality with applications to variance bounds.
  • TR-10-2007 – Xenophontos C. and Oberbroeckling L., On the hp finite element approximation of systems of singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion equations.
  • TR-09-2007 -  Antoniadis A., Paparoditis E.and Sapatinas Th., Bandwidth Selection for  Functional Time Series Prediction.
  • TR-08-2007 – Pensky M. and  Sapatinas Th., Functional Deconvolution in a Periodic Setting.
  • TR -07-2007 –Fokianos K.  and Savvides A, On Comparing Several Spectral Densities.
  • TR-05-2007  - Smyrlis Yiorgos – Sokratis and  Karageorghis A., The Under-Determined Version of the MFS: Taking More Sources than Collocation Points. 
  • TR-04-2007 – Sapatinas Th., Shanbhag N. Damorar, Some Characterizations Related to Multivariate Infinite Divisibility and Self-Decomposability.
  • TR -03-2007 -  Farmaki V. and Negrepontis S., Partition Theorems for Located Words
  • TR-02-2007 – Farmaki V. and Nestoridis V., A Dichotomy Principle for Universal Series.
  • TR-01-2007 – Stefanopoulos V., Heteroclinic Connections for Multiple-Well Potentials: The Anisotropic Case.